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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Special Message for you

As a child, I've loathed religious speeches and used to stay away from them


But, Once, I heard one Guru start his sermon with oft-mentioned fluttering of leaf being in precise accordance to the will of the GOD. Using the established theme, he then announced that sounds from here on after coming out of his mouth were also will of the ALMIGHTY and thereby they were no inferior than a direct messages from the GOD for those who heard it. Pointing to himself, he said that this unusual opening is not to be interpreted as he comparing himself to the GOD. he humbly opined that he is very insigificant and with too many faults.

He rambled on: If God for whatever reason did not want a particular person to hear the voice from his mouth, he or she'd be kept sufficiently far away from the hall or put to sleep for that duration. If no one was meant to hear, Sound system would go bust or speaker's throat would seize or weather or any such calamity would arrive.

Borrowing freely from the same general theme, do not treat this email as having come from me, the guy who self-monikers himself as Kavi. Whatever my fingers end up typing are under direct control of the GOD and this Kavi is just in surrendered state:

Everything that has happened into your life including good and bad actions of your parents is as per the will of the GOD.

Please be grateful to the GOD for giving you the parents he gave you.

No matter what it takes, Please be grateful to the Parents for everything that was given to you by them thus far.

Be even more thankful for what was denied from you, since the denial has enabled you to grow your own unique source of empathy that will forever stay with you.

Be thankful that you were educated in a good school since it gives you a competitive edge.

Be more grateful if your school was not as good since it has imparted you better sense of discrimination and keeps you off the rat-race.

Be deliriously thankful that you were always provided with good and bountiful food

Be more grateful if you've had to starve since the residual hunger makes otherwide bland food succulent too.

Be grateful that you had a solid roof over your head all these long and vulnerable years.

Be more grateful for the unique strength that came forth from you after you slept and survived few nights under stars.

Be grateful if you've grown up in densely populated region where you are surrounded with unending ocean of humanity that is eager to be helpful.

Be thankful if you've grown up in underpopulated region where you are surrounded with beautiful and scenic nature.

Be grateful to all the people who hated, despised and ignored you for the unique sensation it has thereby grown within you.

Be grateful to all the people who'll loved you selflessly for it brings forth energy within you allowing you to grow radiant.

Be grateful for all those who have avoided helping you, as their help would have denied you better future opportunities

Be grateful for all those who have helped you as you've realized the power and joy you can bring in life of others by helping.

Be grateful that you did not see this message any sooner, as it allowed you to retain the fear that kept you rooted.

Be grateful that you've seen this message now, as it is capable of filling your heart with confidence to make you tower over all your fears.

Be grateful that this poem was comprehensive thereby covering all the necessary aspects

Be grateful that this is the last line of this poem, since it is beginning to make you yawn anyways

Friday, February 06, 2009

An Ode to Supporters of Opponents of Bell Bajao

Ding Dong Bell
Frog in the well

She pulled his hair
You think it is fair?

He screamed his lungs out
As he was being thrown out

Who goes to jail?
It's Johnny, without fail

Oh what a nasty thought you nag
To gloat on a gender war!

- by amazon_498a

Friday, January 30, 2009

Invitation to Dharna Against Legal Terrorism

Is the pain of a mother lesser when her son dies relative to when her daughter dies?

Is the pain of a sister lesser when her brother dies relative to when her sister dies?

Save Indian Family Foundation invites you to a peaceful gathering to protest against the rampant and blatant misuse of pro-women marital laws against men which are resulting in large scale suicides amongst married men.

Our IMMEDIATE Demands ARE :-

1. Clear the Pending cases in the Family Courts ASAP.

2. Allocate more experienced judges and increase the Family Courts.

3. Eliminate all gender biased in marital laws making them Gender Neutral.

4. Implements Checks within the system to prevent misuse of these laws.

5. Stop the treatment Men as FREE ATM MACHINES

6. Provide Services to Curtail High Rate of suicides of married men.

7. Establish National Commission for Men, and

8. Establish Men’s Welfare Ministry,

Please come to the gathering with your friends to share your views and to address the above or any related problems.

Date: 14th February 2009
Time: 9: 30 AM to 2: 00 PM
Venue: In front of Gandhi Statue on M.G. Road, Bangalore
Invitees: All citizens of India.
Proudly Supported by:-

1. Save Family Foundation, Delhi
2. MyNation Foundation, Delhi
3. Gender Human Rights Society, Delhi
4. Rakshak Foundation, Delhi
5. Mother’s and Sister’s Initiative, Delhi
6. Protect Indian Family Foundation, Mumbai
7. Indiya Kudumba Pathukappu Iyakkam Chennai
8. All India Forgotten Women, Hyderabad
9. Rishtey, Hyderabad
10. Save Indian Family Foundation, Nagpur
11. Bharat Bachao Sangathan, Kolkata.

Volunteers you may Contact:
Virag - 99863 78801 (English)
Panduranga Katti - 94328 53272 (English)
Shiva Shankara - 97431 83369 (Kannada)
Prakash - 98804 36929 (Kannada)
93428 53272

http://www.saveindianfamily.org/ 98451 43274

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jahan Seat Seat par

Jahan Seat Seat par Ullu kare re basera
Woh Bharat Desh ka lutera

Jahan Asatya, Hinsa aur Corruption ka laga ho dera
Wahan Kaise Bache Masoom desh yeh mera

Ye Dharti wo jahan thackerey or renuka
Sunate dwesh phal or irshya phool ki mala

jahan har mard ko criminal kehelana ka daar sataata
kyonki uski biwi ke hath me charso athyanve 498a ki dhara

Jahan Suraj sab se pehle aak kar dekhe pollution aur gandgi ka pasera
Bhagwan Ab tum hi bachao woh bharat desh hammara

chor neta hein ees dharti pe chalta janata ke bhagya hai bade bigade
kahin thackerery apni sfot sunata to kahin Renuka lagati Pub Bharne ke Naare
Un dono ke beech me Janata kaise bacche pakistan ke aantak se

Jahan Raag nautanki or pisachi daman ka charo hi aur hai ghera
Bhagwan ke sahara woh bharat desh yeh mera

Jahan Har Parivar eek Mauka hai Aur Har Aurat eek Hathiyar
Kaisa mitaye yeh 498 ka kohram

Bandh karo WCD kyonki yehi Bharat ki Iccha mein Sunaata

Ham Badlenge Ham SIFF ke Bharati Ham Bharatita Janata

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shah Jahan ne Taj Mahal Kyon Banaia

ज़ब मैं छोटा लडका था।
टिचर की सब सुनता था॥१

एक दिन टिचर ने ताज़ महल की कहानी सुनाई।
एक सफेद ईमारत की तस्वीर टिचर ने हमें दिखाई॥२

कहा की दुनिया का यह एक अनोख़ा अजुबा है।
दिल्ही के पास आग्रा नाम के शहर मे सदीयों से खडा है॥३

दुनिया भर में इसे प्यार का एक नजराना बतलाया है।
हज़ारों करोडों लोग इसे देखने खिचें चले आते है॥४

सिर्फ देश देशावर के लोगो के लिये ही नहीं।
दुनिया के किसी देश में ताज़ महल अनजाना नहीं॥५

कहतें हैं शाहजहां ने ताज़ महल मुमताज बेगम के लिये बनाया।
टिचर ने ताज़ महल को उनके असिम प्यार की निशानीं समझया॥६

टिचर की कही बातों में हमने अपनीं हाँ भी मिला ली।
टिचर का बोला परीक्षा में लिख कर हमने कक्षा पार कर ली॥७

कभी भी हमे को ई उल्टा सीधां खयाल हमे आया नही।
हम तो बस सीधे सीधे चलने वाले थे छात्र ही॥८

ज़ब् वक्त आया तो एक प्यारी सी दिखने वाली से शादीं भी कर ली।
शादीं के बाद छोटी सी जिन्दगानी भी किरायें के घर में बसा ली॥९

बिंवी के साथ साथ ज़िन्दगी भर रहने का सपना था।
६ साल की कडी मेहनत बाद एक बंगलें पर हमारा भी नाम चढां था॥१०

कभी भी हमे कोई उल्टा सीधां खयाल आया नही।
नौकरी करने वाले थे हम सीधे सीधे राही॥११

फ़िर एक दिन अचानक बिंवी ने मानो कहर मचाया।
बिंवीको एक रोज़ अचानक मुझ पर और बंगलें पर रोष आया॥१२

बिंवी ने मेरे प्यारे बंगलें को ताज़ महल के साथ तोला।
इतने कम प्यार वाले आदमी से तलाक ही चाहुंगी ऐसा उसने बोला॥१३

कुछ ही दिनों में बिंवी के हाथों बंगलें को बिकवा दिया।
तीन तिहाई पैसा बिंवी ने अपने नाम करवा ही लिया॥१४

कुछ ही दिनों में बिंवी के हाथों बंगलें को बिकवा दिया गया।
तीन तिहाई पैसा बिंवी ने अपने नाम करवा ही लिया॥१४

मेरे सारे सपने मेरे देखते तुटे फुटे और सुखे आंसु में बह रहे कहीं।
बिंवी फिर से टोकी: अरे दुःखीं क्युं हो? यह बंगलां ताज़ महल तो नहीं॥१५

उस दिन अकेले बैठ मैनें पहली बार शाहजहां को खुब कोसा।
अगर सामने मिल जाता तो शायद मारा होता एक घुंसा॥१६

गुस्से मैं पुछा क्युं तुमने इतना आलिशान महल बनाया?।
क्या तुम्हे अपने बाद आने वाले मर्दो का खयाल नहीं आया?॥१७

कहा की तुम तो एक शहेनशाह थे।
इतना अलिशान महल बना सकते थे॥१८

हम बेचारे आम आदमी कई साल खुब मेहनत करते रहेते।
बडी मेहनत के बाद मुस्किल से एक् छोटे से घर की deposit जुटाते॥१९

तुम बिल्कुल ही बेदर्द इन्सान हो एक बिंवी का प्यार जताने में।
मुझ जैसे हज़ारों कि जिन्दगी को तुमने दुस्वार कर दिया॥२०

एक् औरत के पिछे हज़ारों आदमी को घायल कर दिया।
ऐसे मैने अपना सारा क्रोध आंसु भरे शब्दो मे बहा के भुला सा दिया॥२१

शाहजहां आखिर कर एक नेक और मेरी सुनने वाला इन्सान निकला।
उसने मेरी दर्द भरी दास्तां सुन तो ली थी पर तब उफ़्फ़ तक नहीं निकाला॥२२

फिर एक दिन शाहजहां ने मुझे मेरे सपने में आकर अपना ज़वाब दिया।
शाहजहां बोले: मेरे प्यारे भाई, तेरी टिचर ने तुझे सही राज़ कभी नहीं सिखाया॥२३

शाहजहां बोले: ताज़ महल सिर्फ़ मुमताज को प्यार जताने के लिये नहीं बनाया था।
मै भी आखिर कर एक आदमी ही तो था. मुझ पर मुमताज का भारीं दबाव था॥२४

मै मुमताज के खर्च करने की आदत से तंग आ गया था।
मै दस साल तक लड कर और कई को मार कर जो दौलत लाया था॥२५

वो सारी दौलत मुमताज के आगे बहुत कम पड गयी।
उसके हाथों कुछ ही सालों में सारी दौलत खत्म सी हो गयी॥२६

तब जाकर शाहजहां आदमी के दर्द को ठीक से समझा था।
इसलिये मुझे दुनिया भर के आदमी को एक पैगाम देना था॥२७

मुझे सुझा दुनिया भर के आदमी के लिये ताज़ महल बनाना।
कहा के भाई देखो, बहुत सस्ता हैं महल बनाना॥२८

कहा के भाई देखो, बहुत आसान हैं महल बनाना।
पर उस से कई गुना ज्यादा खर्च हैं औरत का संग निभाना॥२९

Friday, October 17, 2008

kaise kareenge kazi ko razi

On 15th October 2008, I happened to read an Article about Maharashtra government legalising the live-in relationships. You may read the preserved copy of this article by clicking here

I have following poem as a comment
मिंया बीवी राज़ी
तो क्या करेगा काज़ी

यदि ना होगा घरों मे झगडा और तंटा
तडपेंगे काज़ी बेचारे बैठ घंटा पे घंटा

अरे! कुछ तो ऐसा करो के हो काज़ी का भला
नहि तो निकालेंगे सब् काले कोटवालें उसका ही दिवाला

सुनो! एक तरकीब है जीससे सुलझेगी काज़ी की उल्झन
यदि मर्द औरत कि हो अच्छी दोस्त् तो घोषित करो के वें है दुल्हा - दुल्हन

कुछ ऐसे कानुन भी लिखो के दुल्हन हो बडी परेसान
दिखा दो उस औरत को पैसे पाने का सपना आसान

ज़लदी ही ज़लदी में बना दो मर्द कि सखी को पाजी
फ़िर तो भैया बस काज़ी राज़ी ही राज़ी

Monday, December 18, 2006

Who owns your Life anyway?

Your life is yours, my friend
yours to interpret in a way that you deem fit

It is not of your father
not of your mother
nor is it for your LIFE PARTNER

Heed my words, follow your heart
cause that is where your true driver resides

You are but a vehicle driven over
a definitive and unforseen territory
by an unseen and divine driver.

28 Nov 2006
A poem written for my son who was looking at me as he was pulled away from me by his mother

Office Crunch

Need to write something fast
since time is not going to last

hurry HURRY it is getting to four thirty
and no one has yet made my favourite tea


5 July 2006: First Day of my new job

Monday, June 19, 2006

Marriage and a Car

Marriage and A CAR

Marriage is like a car and this is what I insistently say
If you do not believe me yet, hold your doubts at bay

A man proposes for a marriage, because he loves and wants to share his life
A woman consents to the marriage, because she likes to be taken care of as a wife
Neither of the two needs is to be taken for granted, or just to be simply forsaken

The Man in all his forms is akin to an Engine of life of the marriage
Employed, Self-Employed or unemployed, he roars life into the marriage
By his direct contributions, It is Man who defines the marriage’s travel range

The woman with all her softness is akin to a Steering Wheel of the marriage
Making money or just the house, direction of marriage is what she gauges

A man must not become a woman and attempt to steer
A woman must not become an engine and crave the fuel power

Steering in a car, just as a woman is for the whole world to see
Engine in a car, just as a man is for the whole world to admire with glee

Steering in a wheel is always visible and always half concealed
Engine remains fully invisible with proud stamps on Steering Embossed

Engine, like a man, proudly defines the name of a marriage
Woman, like a steering, proudly displays the name of a marriage

The Steering is unlocked and ready to go before the Engine can be started
The Steering must be the last one to have a tuck after the Engine is fully stopped

Man, like an Engine, will get very hot and needs constant care for proper use
Steering, like a Woman, will need a power boost on regular basis for its use

Actions and Accuracy of the Steering are for the whole world to see
Reliability and Responsibility of the Engine are for the whole world to see

Woman, just as a steering, defines direction and safety
Man, just as an Engine, defines power and durability

In a strong marriage, Engine will not need to see others
In a strong car, Steering must conceal itself from others

In a crash, Woman’s will and agility is the cause at its root
In a crash, but it’s a Man who always bears the hit and all its cost

Friday, October 14, 2005

Song of Divorce

Songs of Divorce

You want divorce. Courts are gonna give you one.
Please, please we do not need your story, not another one
Go and tell it outside, see if anyone cares
frankly all we want is proper filing fee
and a nice big mug of hot tea.



As you can readily see, DAHEJ when spelt backwards becomes JEHAD.

Did Feminist organisations who were assaulting upon the evil of DAHEJ in India ever paused to realise that there efforts are succeeding in not curbing of it, but in giving birth to even more dastardly child of the evil.

An Evil by different name is still an evil. Dowry Exploitation is no different from 498a Extortion. Exploitation by any means will still leave scars.

Reading all this 498A cases, I am no longer certain of their intentions.

Are they blind? Are they deaf? Are they asleep?

When did need for equality by Women transmutate into the need for domination?

To many questions, to few answers yet!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Death Threats

To all those who threatened to kill me, I say

To all those who threatened to kill me, I say
Standing on edge for 3 hours, I could not kill myself.
What power do you have over me that I do not already have?
When my time is up and it sure will be
I will need neither your threats nor thee.